Here at Sleep.London our aim is to bring you an all round better nights sleep. Why switch to silk? Silk is shown to absorb significantly less face cream and oils compared to cotton pillowcases, this means better skin, better hair and better dreams. Our first product features one 100% Mulberry 22 Momme finest silk pillow case and matching silk eye mask, in a choice of three classic colours; Champagne Quartz pink and black which one will you sleep with?

100% finest Mulberry silk


Prevents frizzy hair and split ends

Keeps skin hydrated

Keeps hair healthy

Regulates temperature


Anti-Sleep crease

More hygienic

Easy to clean

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

How does silk protects your blow out?

Friction caused by cotton pillowcases can cause hair damage and bed head (aka a blowout killer).

The simple fact is that silk pillowcases are ultra-smooth and help your hair glide across your pillow as you sleep and prevents added bed head. Plus silk helps protect breakage and split-ends that can be caused by cotton pillowcases damaging your locks.

Our silk can help you sleep more soundly resulting in less tossing and turning making your blowout look better the next day.

Studies have shows that those who sleep on silk pillows wake up feeling like their hair looks 'so much better glossier' and is easier to style. This is a result of having a more restful night's sleep, which means your hair is staying in place on your pillowcase resulting in less frizz.

Our silk pillowcases will not be ruined by blowout products.

If you've just blown pro with your Pro Blo brushes and used styling products and hairspray, don't worry. Our silk pillowcases help protect the moisture in your hair where cotton can absorb moisture and product. Our pillowcases are also durable and machine-washable so you don't need to worry about them getting oily or clogged with products. Silk pillowcases are often recommended to be washed by hand.